Your income level determines whether or not you need to lodge an income tax return. A quick phone call to us can answer this question for you.
If you prepare your tax return yourself, the due date is 31 October. By using a Tax Agent, you may be eligible for extensions up to 15 May, but this depends on your level of income and lodgement history. If you have not used a Tax Agent in the past, you will need to contact us before 31 October.
The cost to prepare a tax return will vary based on the complexity of the return. Our prices start from $132 including GST for a basic PAYG (employee) tax return.
All Tax Agent fees paid will be tax deductible.
Yes, we can help get you up to date and all returns can be done at the same time.
If it’s the first year you are using D&A Professional Services, we will need to arrange a brief consultation. Moving forward, we are happy to process your return using the paperwork provided and keep you informed of the status of the returns.
We can assist you by preparing an amended return to reflect the changes.
Yes, we can assist you with the establishment of all types of entities, as well as applying for ABNs, Tax File Numbers, GST and PAYG Withholding. We can also advise you of what type of entity will best suit your circumstances. The cost involved will be explained up front, and generally we pass on the cost of our service provider without any mark up to save you money.
Yes, we have a limited number of after hour’s appointments available, please contact us to find out availability.
Generally around two weeks. Some delays can occur as a result of outstanding taxation debts, child support or family assistance issues.
  • Payment summaries from your employer (Group Certificates)
  • Payment summaries from any government payments
  • Receipts for deductions you intend on claiming
  • Private Health Insurance Statements
  • Details of interest earned from bank accounts
  • All rental property related information (inc. agent statements, loan statements & expenses)
  • Dividend statements from shares
  • Any other documents regarding income you may have earned
  • Any other documents that you think may be relevant to your return
  • Your bank account details for your tax refund to be deposited
This depends on the complexity of your return and how many people are attending the appointment for their returns completed. On average the allocated appointment time is 30 – 60 minutes. When booking your appointment, please ensure you advise how many people the appointment is for, or if there are a number of returns or issues you need to discuss so that we can allocate ample time for your appointment. This will also avoid the need to schedule a second appointment due to lack of time.